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slowcoach grew up under a bridge, raised by rats. we have no soul and survive on twigs and found berries. for warmth, we burn our own feces. for fun, we burn our own feces on the road above where we live.

"slowcoach seem to inhabit a sound that hovers right between, say Pavement and The Grifters, or the Radar Brothers and Polvo, or Sparklehorse and The Swirlies" - Aquarius Records, 2016

"What slowcoach have done is craft a short paean to their heyday, a pre-internet time capsule where print zines and mail-order catalogs still meant something - J Mascis-fronting-Sebadoh vibe" - Critical Masses, 2016

"reminiscent of Phillip Glass on quaaludes" - Impact Press, 2000

"They sound a little like Archers of Loaf, which is also a good band. Check out slowcoach if you are fed up with MTV shitrock." - Transworld Surf, 2000

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